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Fiori Elements – A faster way to develop Fiori apps for your business needs


If you've ever wondered about the high cost of building Fiori Apps but have yet to explore Fiori Elements, you're in the right place. So, what exactly are Fiori Elements? Formerly referred to as Smart Template Fiori Elements, they offer a game-changing approach to app development. It is a framework that includes the most used templates, UI elements, and design principles for building Fiori Apps. In simple terms, Fiori Elements empower you to create comprehensive Fiori applications without the need for extensive front-end development expertise. In this blog, we'll dive deeper into the concept, exploring its benefits, use cases, and practical implementation strategies.

Use cases

Fiori Elements support following floor plans:
•    Analytical list page
•    List report
•    Object page
•    Overview page
•    Worklist
Since most Fiori Apps require building, they typically follow one of these floor plans. Therefore, you can technically utilize them in the development of most of your custom Fiori apps.

CDS and Annotations

CDS is at the core of building Fiori Element Apps. It can be used to define the data models, acting as both a Data Definition Language (DDL) and a Data Control Language (DCL), and to create the front-end components using annotations. In this way, backend developers can create the complete application. The rest of the process for building custom Fiori apps remains the same as it would be for a normal Fiori app, so no extra consideration is needed for that.


Benefit of Fiori Elements

  • The backend (ABAP) team can develop new apps without requiring extensive frontend expertise.
  • Apps developed using Fiori Elements automatically adhere to the latest SAP Fiori design specifications, resulting in a consistent appearance akin to SAP standard apps.
  • Furthermore, these apps will seamlessly upgrade to new designs released in future versions.
  • Building Fiori Elements Apps is notably faster and therefore more cost-effective. Additionally, maintaining and troubleshooting these apps is easier.


  • While not as common in actual business requirements, the layout or business logic complexity may exceed what can be achieved with SAP Fiori Elements.
  • Annotations can be challenging to troubleshoot or manage.

Implementation Considerations

  • It can save you development costs if the requirement fits the layout supported by Fiori Elements.
  • If you are using SAP standard apps as your implementation strategy, then Fiori Elements can provide a similar look and feel.
  • Fiori Elements are exceptional for heavy reporting, as CDS is one of the fastest ways to access data from the HANA database.


Fiori Elements is a fast and uniform way to create new Fiori Apps. It should rank highest in your implementation options. If you want to learn more about Fiori Elements, please feel free to contact us.